Adam Pulford: North East ward candidate 2020

Responses to Survey Questions from Adam Pulford

1. What are your most important priorities to increase pedestrian safety specifically in the ward you hope to represent as well as in the rest of Moreland?

If elected, I would work to make it easier and safer for everyone, particularly women, people with disabilities and older adults, to walk and travel by wheels around North-East Ward and all of Moreland. To help achieve this, I would:

  1. Increase investment in active transport infrastructure to build new options and improve existing infrastructure
  2. Advocate for reductions in speed limits on roads across Moreland, including 30 km/h limit on all local roads
  3. Prioritise pedestrians at all traffic light intersections
  4. Expand traffic calming measures, signage and community awareness of local laws and safety  

2. If elected, what will you do to help reduce pedestrian road trauma in Moreland?

If elected, I will listen to and work with community members to help improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians in Moreland, including reducing pedestrian road trauma, and identifying existing black spots. I, and the Greens, will advocate for greater investment in active transport infrastructure and measures that prioritise pedestrians and other active transport modes, including 30 km/h speed restrictions in local streets.

3. What vision do you have to actively encourage older adults to walk in Moreland?

My vision for Moreland is of thriving, connected and sustainable local neighbourhoods, where it’s easy for everyone to get around walking, cycling and on public transport.
I believe local residents deserve a say in the future of their neighbourhoods. I believe Council should actively engage with target community groups, including older adults and young people. 
I support increasing investment in active transport infrastructure to help make it easy for everyone to get around on foot or by wheels in Moreland, especially older adults and people with disabilities. And increasing access to, and the accessibility of, our beautiful parks and open spaces.

4. In what ways should Council increase its investment in the maintenance and improvements to footpaths and other outdoor public infrastructure to reduce falls injuries?

Council must increase its overall investment in this area, to both help create new routes and maintain and upgrade existing footpaths and outdoor public infrastructure. Council should actively engage target groups for improving the quality of footpaths and public infrastructure to guide where it prioritises investment, including older adults and people with disabilities.

5. If elected, how will you encourage Council to implement proven street design measures to reduce vehicle speeds?

I will work closely with local residents and community groups so I can best understand the needs of each local area. I am proud that the Greens led the doubling per head spending on bike and pedestrian infrastructure over the current Council term, and I will advocate for further investment in active transport and cycling infrastructure in best practice design.

6. What measures would you implement to stop speeding near schools?

I, and the Greens, support reduced speed measures near schools, including reducing the limit to 30km/h. I am also open to other traffic interventions and safety measures that could help reduce speed, increase awareness and improve safety for everyone in the community.

7. What improvements are needed for footpaths to make them safer for pedestrians after dark?

Moreland Council must continue investing in our streets and local neighbourhoods to improve safety and accessibility for everyone in our community. We need to speak with local residents and consider the local environment of each area to work out which improvements are most appropriate, but improvements can be fixing footpaths, reducing hazards, installing or upgrading lighting (includes ones that are motion-activated) and increasing accessibility through installing ramps and/or rails.

8. The majority of surveyed Sydney Rd. users support the removal of all on-street parking to make way for wider footpaths and protected cycling lanes in both directions. Do you agree with this and if so, how would you work to achieve this if elected?

I, and the Greens, support working with the community and local businesses to revitalise Sydney Road, making it more vibrant and green, and safer and more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. I will continue the Greens’ advocacy to state government to listen to the community and make progress on this issue.

9. What strategies are needed by Council, in collaboration with the State Government, to introduce a driver education campaign in regard to stopping for, giving way and slowing down for pedestrians at intersections, zebra crossings, school crossings and other hot spots?

Greens on Council will advocate to state government to invest in a driver education program to improve safety on our streets for everyone that addresses these key points and hot spots. This should be done in collaboration with active local residents and community groups, who are leading on improving safety in our streets across Moreland. 

10. As the local population grows, so does local traffic and through traffic. How do you propose to address the competing interests of different transport users i.e. pedestrians, cyclists, private and commercial vehicle drivers and public transport (trams and buses)?

I, and the Greens, will:

  • Strongly advocate for more and better public transport in Moreland, including upgrading the Upfield line (duplicating the track and stopping short-shunting), extending tram routes with more frequent trams, and more buses in Fawkner.
  • Support the revised MITS prioritising pedestrians and engage with the community on the implementation of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy and the Parking Plan 
  • Increase investment in active transport infrastructure 
  • Build more bike racks and increase investment in cycling infrastructure
  • Support measures to enable new residents to live here without needing to rely on a car, including car share schemes
  • Ensure more private cars are parked for long periods off-street
  • Support strong community consultation and engagement when considering the future of local areas

Thanks for the opportunity to answer these questions, and to properly consider pedestrian and older adults’ safety on our streets this campaign 🙂