Lynton Joseph: North East ward candidate 2020

Responses to Survey Questions from Lynton Joseph

1. What are your most important priorities to increase pedestrian safety specifically in the ward you hope to represent as well as in the rest of Moreland?

  • People need to get off their mobile phones.  Pedestrians, drivers, bike riders.  We need to pay attention out there. 
  • We need better clearer and well maintained signs.  Some streets still need speed humps that are current thoroughfares.
  • We need more awareness campaigns, especially to the youth.  They think they are invincibles.
  • People taking selfies.  Why do people need to take selfies and not enjoy the moment.  Selfies increase a risk to dangers.  I recal catching a busy train pre Covid.  Everyone was on their phone.  I didn’t know where I should be looking as I keep my phone in my pocket.
  • Varied speed limits are ridiculous.  You worry about how fast you are driving which is another distraction.
  • Red light cameras are also dangerous.  You can worry about a camera rather than driving.  All this can have a potential relation to pedestrian safety.

2. If elected, what will you do to help reduce pedestrian road trauma in Moreland?

  • Education programs, plus most of answer to question 1.
  • Rules for mobile devices for ALL.
  • Consistent speed limits
  • Speed humps
  • Better signage
  • Identifying problem areas

3. What vision do you have to actively encourage older adults to walk in Moreland?

  • Safe zones, Safe spaces.  The introduction of safety officers of sorts to manage spaces, blind spots and known hot spots. 
  • Promoting current and introducing new walking groups. 
  • Safety and Holistic reasons need to be considered.
  • Adults who don’t drive, who don’t have a partner can feel isolated.  We need to encourage independence.

4. In what ways should Council increase its investment in the maintenance and improvements to footpaths and other outdoor public infrastructure to reduce falls injuries?

It should be an ongoing.  Each time a resident reports a safety hazard or potential improvement, a working party should follow up

5. If elected, how will you encourage Council to implement proven street design measures to reduce vehicle speeds?

Community consultation is required for consistent approach to uniformity. 

6. What measures would you implement to stop speeding near schools?

How much more can we tell people it is 40 between these hours???  Perhaps we can make it 40 all day during school hours.  Again, you are looking at your watch to see the time which is another distraction.

7. What improvements are needed for footpaths to make them safer for pedestrians after dark?

Lightning, greater police presence.  Educating the residents.  At the same time, common sense is required.  You wouldn’t walk down a laneway at the best of times, let alone at night.  Educate people to avoid making potential wrong decisions.

8. The majority of surveyed Sydney Rd. users support the removal of all on-street parking to make way for wider footpaths and protected cycling lanes in both directions. Do you agree with this and if so, how would you work to achieve this if elected?

 I would need to get a better understanding of the traffic, listen to the local business’, weigh up the pros and cons of both.

9. What strategies are needed by Council, in collaboration with the State Government, to introduce a driver education campaign in regard to stopping for, giving way and slowing down for pedestrians at intersections, zebra crossings, school crossings and other hot spots?

I cannot believe this is a topic for discussion.  Education is already extensive, but  the user has not comprehended.  There is plenty of hooning, risk taking on the road.  We need greater penalties from our legal system, not minor ones. The fact that we are still discussing this is of concern. Council will need to create initiatives to create greater awareness.  More roundabouts would work, but people don’t give way at roundabouts.  Roundabouts need greater height so the driver needs to slow down, and not drive straight through with no disregard to other traffic.

10. As the local population grows, so does local traffic and through traffic. How do you propose to address the competing interests of different transport users i.e. pedestrians, cyclists, private and commercial vehicle drivers and public transport (trams and buses)?

The Upfield line, and increasing it’s service in terms of more trains would be one solution.

Ideally, more walkers, cyclists, carpooling, but since Covid, car pooling needs to be looked at.  But also since Covid, more business can now appreciate allowing employees to work at home, or have flexible hours, staggering the workforce.  This can be incentivised too.

The result being taking pressure of the growth.

In an ideal world, if regional Victoria was built up, less pressure would be on our local infrastructure.  Not that we don’t welcome people but each area has its own beauty.  In terms of numbers from family growth, we need to ensure our infrastructure can cater to this.

Identifying a city around the country or globally can assist with understanding a better way to manage our demographics.