Margee Glover: North East ward candidate 2020

Responses to Survey Questions from Margee Glover

  1. What are your most important priorities to increase pedestrian safety specifically in the ward you hope to represent as well as in the rest of Moreland?

Enforce and lower speed limits on suburban streets, more separated walking and bike paths and more safety for women walking alone, especially at night.

I would like to see Council invest more in safety infrastructure such as crossing areas that are better lit, with more warning signage. 

I will be advocating for Moreland Council to create a Street Safety Campaign. This is in direct response to the high level of attacks and low levels of safety felt on the streets particularly by women. I would like to see the Council initiate a Neighbourhood Watch App that could be used by all residents, and a targeted education campaign around street safety and community support in this space. 

I would also like them to consider the introduction of the  ‘How to Be Considerate’ campaign developed by Chloe Sterland.  More information here

  1. If elected, what will you do to help reduce pedestrian road trauma in Moreland?
  • Lower speed limits on suburban streets.
  • Education campaigns around pedestrian safety.
  • Delivery driver awareness campaign. 
  • Education around safety around trams and tram tracks. 
  1. What vision do you have to actively encourage older adults to walk in Moreland?

Establishment of parks near to most homes so there are safe walking environments and have separated walking paths. I would like to see more use of laneways that are walkable and mostly separated from other forms of traffic investigated where possible.

I feel that the Street Safety campaign as mentioned in Q.1 would also be positive to encouraging older walkers as street safety may be preventing participation. 

  1. In what ways should Council increase its investment in the maintenance and improvements to footpaths and other outdoor public infrastructure to reduce falls injuries?

I think the Council could look at innovation in the materials they use to construct footpaths and they need to vastly increase funds allocated to pedestrian projects. 

Melbourne University has created an urban pathway project that would see urban paths (walking tracks, bike tracks and low-traffic roads) paved with recycled/repurposed tyres. 

This would provide natural irrigation for trees, stop water pooling and are cooler than conventional concrete paths. Plus it is recycling old waste. I think Moreland Council should jump at the chance to get onboard with this opportunity. 

All new footpaths and cycling tracks should be using this alternative, and so should new construction builds. In 2018 it was reported that 51 million used tyres are discarded each year, but only only five per cent are recycled locally.

  1. If elected, how will you encourage Council to implement proven street design measures to reduce vehicle speeds?

This should be a continuous improvement process and embedded in strategies and I would encourage Council to meet its obligations.

  1. What measures would you implement to stop speeding near schools?

I think there are already good measures but unfortunately speed limits are not enforced.

  1. What improvements are needed for footpaths to make them safer for pedestrians after dark?

More activated lighting. 

I think the recycled tyre footpaths as discussed in Q. 4 would look pretty amazing with LED lights in them! The crossing LED lights in the city have been very successful in elevating pedestrian safety. 

  1. The majority of surveyed Sydney Rd. users support the removal of all on-street parking to make way for wider footpaths and protected cycling lanes in both directions. Do you agree with this and if so, how would you work to achieve this if elected?

I think any changes to Sydney Road have to be carefully considered as this may just push the problem to side streets. I am also concerned that this policy might leave behind others who can’t walk or aren’t mobile and may not be inclusive enough and that would have to be addressed through consultation. I would like to see a trial on part of Sydney Road parking free to see if it would work.

  1. What strategies are needed by Council, in collaboration with the State Government, to introduce a driver education campaign in regard to stopping for, giving way and slowing down for pedestrians at intersections, zebra crossings, school crossings and other hot spots?

I feel there has to be a highly visible campaign. I have nearly been run over several times on zebra crossings in the Moreland area and don’t feel people understand their obligation when approaching them. 

  1. As the local population grows, so does local traffic and through traffic. How do you propose to address the competing interests of different transport users i.e. pedestrians, cyclists, private and commercial vehicle drivers and public transport (trams and buses)?

I think there needs to be more transparency around the Council’s budget line items for the different mode of transport to permit monitoring of outcomes.

We need to make it as easy as possible for people to get to where they need without relying on a car. I don’t agree with removing cars completely, but reducing the amount of car’s people own and how often they drive.  

Public transport that is accessible, regular and direct as well as cycling and walking tracks that are safe, accessible and well maintained is imperative to supporting the growing population of Moreland.