Rebekah Hogan: North East ward candidate 2020

Responses to Survey Questions from Rebekah Hogan

1.     What are your most important priorities to increase pedestrian safety specifically in the ward you hope to represent as well as in the rest of Moreland?

Reduce congestion and design better crossing areas

2. If elected, what will you do to help reduce pedestrian road trauma in Moreland?

 I hope to develop a plan to combat congestion and evaluate development plans to include pedestrians

3. What vision do you have to actively encourage older adults to walk in Moreland?

More shared safe walking areas and paths near creeks and under the new level crossing

4. In what ways should Council increase its investment in the maintenance and improvements to footpaths and other outdoor public infrastructure to reduce falls injuries?

There should be more frequent evaluation and sidewalks should be developed or upgraded when roads and new things are being build

5. If elected, how will you encourage Council to implement proven street design measures to reduce vehicle speeds?

I will ensure we listen to residents’ concerns and try to address them promptly

6. What measures would you implement to stop speeding near schools?

Further distance for reduced speeds and speed bumps on either side of school crossings

7. What improvements are needed for footpaths to make them safer for pedestrians after dark?

 More street lighting and maintained footpaths

8. The majority of surveyed Sydney Rd. users support the removal of all on-street parking to make way for wider footpaths and protected cycling lanes in both directions. Do you agree with this and if so, how would you work to achieve this if elected?

 No I do not agree with the removal of parking, it will create more congestion in residential streets, I can agree with safe tram stops which will allow safer pedestrian access to trams

9. What strategies are needed by Council, in collaboration with the State Government, to introduce a driver education campaign in regard to stopping for, giving way and slowing down for pedestrians at intersections, zebra crossings, school crossings and other hot spots?

Access to affordable and free driving lessons for those learning

10. As the local population grows, so does local traffic and through traffic. How do you propose to address the competing interests of different transport users i.e. pedestrians, cyclists, private and commercial vehicle drivers and public transport (trams and buses)?

Drivers should have access to secure parking to limit residential congestion and we should use the crossing removals to promote bikes and make the creek bike paths safer and push more accessible public transport in the north