Suggested locations for zebra crossings and thresholds

In July 2020, Moreland Council asked Walk on Moreland for ideas of locations for a zebra crossing or threshold treatment at zebra crossings or T-intersections. The sites were for Council roads only. We asked community members and this is the link we compiled. We will publish the Council’s response to this list when permitted to do so.

Glenroy / Hadfield / Oak Park

LocationInfrastructure neededSignificance
Belair Ave at Pascoe Vale Rd. T-intersection  Zebra crossing across Belair. Ban RH turn from Belair Ave in Pascoe Vale RdActivity centre, PPN, high crash  area  
Post Office Lane at Pascoe Vale Rd. T-intersectionban RH turn into and out of Post office laneActivity centre, PPN, high crash  area
Chapman and Belair Ave Roundaboutzebra crossing  PPN to activity centre and station. Very busy at peaks
Glenroy Rd and Maude Ave  zebra crossing over Glenroy Rd  PPN.  Used to access Sewell Reserve
Chapman Ave roundaboutsNo parking close to roundabouts to improve visibilityChapman Ave intersects with PPNs
Glenroy Rd and West St Hadfield.Intersection needs redesigning.and zebra crossingsNeighbourhood centre (shops)
Box Forest Rd near Fairleigh StNeeds a crossing across Box Forest RdSchools, retirement village, park


LocationInfrastructure neededSignificance
Jukes Rd and Williams Rd roundaboutRedesign and zebra crossing. “badly designed roundabout, with not even a decent way for pedestrians to cross.”PPN. Route to school and  neighbourhood centre.
Bonwick St / Edward St and Major Rd, roundaboutNeeds zebra crossingPPN. Route to neighbourhood centre
Major Rd and Williams Rd, roundaboutRedesign plus zebra crossing. “On Major Road, a lot of cars plough through without even slowing to look.“PPN
Anderson Rd shops zebra crossingPedestrian crossing needs flashing lightsPPN

Coburg / Coburg North

LocationInfrastructure neededSignificance
Munro St and Louisa St RoundaboutNeeds zebra crossing. Or traffic lights. Louisa St needs a footpath too.PPN. Activity centre
Cameron StThresholds at intersecting streets, especially The Avenue and Allen St.PPN. Route to Moreland Station. Rat runs.
Elizabeth St at Coburg Hill shops.Needs a zebra crossing north of the Murphy St intersection.PPN. Neighbourhood centre
Coburg St and Sheffield StThreshold treatment at stop sign.Near primary school
Shaftsbury St and Moreland RdThreshold treatment at stop sign.PPN. Route to John Fawkner hospital
Waterfield St. Existing zebra crossingRedesign. Perhaps as wombat crossing? “Cars frequently don’t give way.”Activity centre
Harding StreetTurn school crossing into zebra crossing. Current operating hours are too limited.PPN
Munro St intersection with  Loch and Hudson StThreshold treatments and/or redesignPPN? (Map not clear.) Route to activity centre.
Roundabout at Stockade Avenue and Tanderum Drive Needs trees trimmed. “Southbound drivers cannot see crossing point immediately south of the roundabout.”Pentridge
De Carle St roundabouts (all of them)Zebra crossingRat run. Route to activity centre and schools
Bell St at Richards StRedesign intersection.  “too many vehicles go straight ahead at Pentridge Boulevard into Richards St (esp at school and peak times), despite no entry sign”.PPN. School, Activity centre
Station St and Moreland RdThresholdPPN. Route to station.
The Grove and Barrow StZebra crossingThe Grove is a rat run

Pascoe Vale / Pascoe Vale South

LocationInfrastructure neededSignificance
Northumberland RdZebra crossing. Speed hump joining the path between Gavin and Allard ParksNeighbourhood centre
Northumberland Rd T-intersection at Pascoe St / Rhodes Pde.Needs threshold treatment and Zebra Crossing  PPN. Route to school.
Northumberland Rd T-intersection at GaffneyNeeds threshold treatment and Zebra CrossingPPN. Neighbourhood centre
Derby St at shops south of Dorset StZebra crossing across Derby StPPN
Derby St at Boundary RdThreshold treatment on Derby St (both sides)PPN
Reynolds Rd near Brearley Pde.  Zebra crossing to cross Reynolds RdRoute to school and Brearley Reserve, Moonee Ponds creek.
Turner/O’Hea/Derby roundaboutZebra crossing. Or lights. “Very difficult to cross:”PPN
Cumberland and Kent Rd roundaboutZebra crossing, “Cars drive very fast through it”PPN. Shops, park and route to school
Essex St and LandellsZebra crossing  across EssexRoute to school
Derby St between Essex St and Gaffney StZebra crossing across DerbyPPN Route to park
Kent and Derby St roundaboutZebra crossing. (at a minimum, needs refurge and curb cutouts.)PPN. School
Reynolds Pde and CoonansBan heavy vehiclesPPN

Brunswick / Brunswick West / Brunswick East

LocationInfrastructure neededSignificance
Ewing Street and Barkly StZebra crossingsRat run (both Ewing and Barkly). Route to activity centre and schools.
Ewing Street and Weston StZebra crossingsPPN. Rat run. Route to activity centre and schools
Ewing Street and Edward StZebra crossingsRat run. Route to activity centre and schools
Barkly St at NicholsonThresholdPPN. Rat run
Barkly st at Sydney Rd.  Zebra crossing. “dangerous crossing”PPN. Rat run. Activity centre
Barkly st at Lygon St.  Zebra crossing. (both sides)PPN. Activity centre. Barkly is rat run
Park St between Amess and RathdowneZebra crossing across Park St.Route to school. (Not sure if this is Yarra or Moreland)
De Carle St roundabouts (all of them)Zebra crossingRat run. Route to activity centre and schools
Union St at Sydney Rd.Zebra crossingActivity centre
Barkly st at Sydney Rd.Zebra crossingActivity centre
De Carle St and Stewart St T-intersectionZebra crossing and/or threshold across De Carle. “ The intersection is so obscured”Route to activity centre
North side of Glenlyon RdThreshold at intersectioning streets. Particularly David St and Minnie St, (south side has thresholds but not north)PPN
Pearson St / Dawson St T-intersectionThreshold or zebra crossing across Pearson. “terrifying intersection”PPN. Route to park
Pearson St and Halpin St roundaboutzebra crossingPPN. Route to park, school
Pearson St and Albert St roundaboutzebra crossingPPN. Route to park,
Pearson St and Hope St roundaboutzebra crossingPPN. Route to park,
Pearson St and Newman St roundaboutzebra crossingPPN. Route to park,
Pearson St / Albion T-intersectionzebra crossing and/or thresholdPPN. School
Shamrock / Albion T-intersection (note: dogleg from Pearson)zebra crossing and/or thresholdPPN. School
Victoria St near Clifton parkZebra crossing at exisitng refuge. More refuges along Victoria St (especially opposite public toilet)PPN. Route to parks
Albert Street, Cross Street and French Ave, beside Fleming ParkZebra crossing across AlbertPPN. Route to parks
Albert Street, at west end of Fleming ParkZebra crossing across AlbertPPN. Route to parks
Olive York Way and Albion St. intersectionthresholdPPN.
Westbourne St and Albion intersectionthresholdPPN. School
Albert and Fallon St roundaboutZebra crossing. “Poor visibility due to properties right up to the corner”PPN. Route to school
Victoria St between Percy and GardinerRefuges or pedestrian crossing PPN
Davies St at Sydney RdThresholdPPN. Davies St is rat run.
Albion and Nicholson (Near Jones park)Zebra crossing / thresholdPPN. Route to school
Holmes Rd and Albion StThreshold on AlbionPPN. Activity centre